About Prue

Prue MacDougall

Artist Print Maker

New Zealand born artist, Prue MacDougall studied printmaking at the Elam School of Fine Art, University of Auckland. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinction in 1985 and was awarded the Auckland University Annual Prize of Excellence in Fine Arts in the same year. Since then Prue has travelled extensively, developing her art practice through close examination of master works in galleries and museums in Europe, the UK and the USA and participating in postgraduate study at international art schools. Closer to home, Prudence has exhibited in many galleries around New Zealand and is represented in many collections in New Zealand and overseas.

Prue’s art practice has always operated like a metaphorical stage in which she contrives whimsical tableau to reflect her personal life experiences and the intriguing dynamics of human relationships. Her compositions echo the haunting imagery of Goya, Rego and, to a lesser extent, Piranesi. Prue acknowledges being inspired by these master printmakers, but it is their application of chiaroscuro and theatrical drama as a means to evoke emotional response that primarily interests her.